Una Clínica de Cirugía Plástica Increíble en Barcelona

View from Irvine Plastic Surgery Center
Photo by Donald Altman, M.D.

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Jorge
Planas, the director of the The Clinica
in Barcelona, Spain.

His father, Jaimie Planas, started the clinic, exclusively
dedicated to plastic and reconstructive surgery more than 40 years.  The clinic serves as center of
excellence in the area of cosmetic surgery, laser therapy, nutrition, and other
areas patient of well-being.  
Resident surgeons in training, primarily from Spanish speaking
countries, including South and Central America were gracious and welcoming.
The patients, physicians, and staff all spoke Spanish, with
very little English as one might expect.   
Frankly, this was the most impressive plastic surgery facility that I have ever witnessed.    It was immaculate, orderly, respectful of patients privacy, and the work produced was excellent.  
Clinica Planas, Barcelona
I was able to observe breast implant surgery, particularly
as it relates to the recent issues of PIP
implants in Europe
.  In order
to give their clients peace of mind, the doctors and the Planas Clinic are
removing the implants for their patients at no charge.
The following is an excellent
that takes a patient through the breast augmentation process at the
Clinica Planas in Barcelona Spain.
It was fascinating to compare and contrast the breast
augmentation procedures performed at the Planas Clinic with the surgeries
performed at Irvine Plastic Surgery Center under my care. 
For anyone considering breast augmentation, I would welcome
a dialogue on this topic. 
Any patient presented with the opportunity to seek cosmetic
surgery in Barcelona might consider himself or herself lucky to have access to
the work performed in this clinic.  
Any plastic surgeon fortunate enough to visit the Clinica Planas  or attend their international
cosmetic meeting
this fall will not be disappointed.

Donald Altman, M.D.
Irvine, California

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