Our Philosophy

Dr. Altman’s practice philosophy entails making every effort to:

  • Ensure patient safety
  • Attempt to match surgical goals with realistic patient expectations
  • Use a conservative approach

Every attempt is made to give the patient a “natural” appearance and avoid a “surgical look.”

Plastic Surgery can have wonderful benefits for patients. Even under the best of circumstances there are inherent risks in any procedure. Understanding these risks and making them clear to my patients is very important to me. It is my practice philosophy to minimize those risks whenever possible. For example, it may be my choice to advise patients to have larger volume liposuctions performed in stages. It is my preference not to group multiple procedures when smaller stages represent greater safety to the patient.

All patients are carefully reviewed for their physical and psychological health prior to surgery. When necessary appropriate consultations are recommended prior to proceeding. For example, many patients over 40 years of age will require a visit to their primary care physician for a complete history and physical exam. This will usually involve obtaining an EKG.

We are happy to review records from previous surgeries or treatments elsewhere in order to be better prepared for our prospective patients. This is often very important.

It is our objective to make enough time for each patient that there care is never compromised.

New patients are able to speak to former patients, if this is their choice.

We make every attempt to comfort our patients with preoperative counseling and sufficient postoperative care. We encourage patients to be well informed. This often translates into multiple visits, phone calls, and consultations in order for individuals to fully understand their treatments. No questions are silly or too simple. There are no calls after surgery that will not be returned promptly.

Under some circumstances, Dr. Altman may feel that treatment or surgery is not in the patient’s best interest. Sometimes it may appear that risks outweigh benefits or that the patient does not have realistic expectations. Sometimes it may be determined that health risks are too high. Under these circumstances recommendations will be made not to have surgery, or at least defer treatment until proper prerequisite conditions exist.

“Plastic surgery can be very exciting, but also frightening. It is my practice philosophy to do whatever hand holding is necessary to get an individual through the process successfully.”

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