June 24, 2015

Dear Dr. Altman,

Thank you for meeting with me for the breast augmentation consultation on January 7, 2014. You definitely stand out from all the other surgeons I have met. After much consideration, however, I've decided not to go through with the procedure at the present time. You made a great impression on me and I just want you to know that your time with me was not wasted. You helped me become more informed on the implant sizes, incision sites, and most important, finding a surgeon that I feel will be right for me if I decided to proceed with the operation in the future. It means a great deal to me that you showed me the operating room, introduced me to the nurse, had another person in room during your examination, as well as allowed me to try on the implants and encouraged me to choose an implant size that is right for my body rather than go big. I felt very at ease in your presence and I like your jovial demeanor. I can see why my friend chose you as her surgeon. Thank you for treating me as if I were one of your patients during the consultation. With much appreciation,

- T.I.

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