Starry Night at IPSC

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to share pictures related to my practice and morph them into something with pleasant non-conventional features.  Maybe something that would protect patient privacy, remove some distractions, and possibly add a creative twist. For those patients interested in understanding the surgical process, but fearful of the site of “that substance that flows through our bodies and sustains life,” there might be a way to demonstrate images in a kinder light.

Today, I stumbled on the use of Snapchat’s “Vincent Van Gogh” filter technology, and it was new and beautiful, and easy to use.

He created the post-impressionist style painting “Starry Night” in 1889 from the window of his asylum, and 125 years later, we have him, and technology team at SnapChat to thank for allowing us to enjoy a new filter for seeing the world around us.

Browse the gallery below to view more artful photos of a post-op breast augmentation and facelift.

Before and After: 2 months post operative result of 325 cc Mentor High Profile Smooth Silicone Gel implants, incision under areola, implant behind muscle

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