Removing Breast Implants

In the past, breast implant removal was most often performed in post-menopausal women in their 50,’s 60’s, and 70’s. Typically, these individuals experience increases of natural breast tissue over the years and they would like to remove the implants to reduce volume. Some patients would undergo a lift at the time of explantation (implant removal), and others later to allow for the tissue to heal.

Over the past several years my practice has seen an increased trend of otherwise healthy, often athletic, women in their 40’s requesting the removal of their breast implants.

Unlike the occasional younger patient in the past who might have removed her implants after a poor experience or prolonged attempts to achieve satisfactory results, these individuals are not having problems. Typically, these individuals have enjoyed excellent results for many years. Their interests have changed. The implants no longer fit their self-image. I have heard the expression repeatedly that they “are over them,” no longer interested in the increased volume created by implants.

Contrary to traditional beliefs about patients giving up their breast implants,  most of the women I have treated  “never look back.”

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